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I am excited to announce that my first book of photographs, Captured by Light ~ Fifty Years, selected black and white work, is now shipping.

To keep the price low the book is soft-cover, 10" x 8" with 106 pages and 80 black and white photographs.

I wish to thank all those who took advantage of my pre-order special offer. These orders helped me determine the size of my initial press run.

That offer expired on September 20, 2016. The price for the book now is $49 plus $6 for shipping and handling (total: $55) within the United States. Shipping to most European countries is $22.50, so the price for those is $49+22.50 = $71.50 U.S. dollars. For other parts of the world, contact me and I will determine shipping costs.

There are currently only about twenty copies still unsold from the first press run. If these sell out quickly, and if I hear from others who would like to buy it, I will consider a second printing. If so, I will post information on this website if and when I have enough interest for a second printing.

Within the next couple of weeks I also expect to list the book for sale in the Blurb bookstore at a Print-On-Demand price of $75 plus shipping. This price might be reduced by one of Blurb's frequent sales which offer discounts ranging from 20% to 40%.

To order a copy, go to Contact and Orders . A second printing, if any, is unlikely before the start of December.

Drawing on my experience designing and producing this book I intend to follow it with a book of mostly color images next year. I am also exploring the possibility of producing ebook versions of both books and also smaller "chapbooks" of photographs.

I am honored to be the recipient of a Luminous Landscape Publication Skills Grant and I wish to recognize the Luminous Endowment for Photographers for making a significant financial contribution to support this project. Without such support, this project would not have been possible. (http://www.luminous-endowment.org/pages/home.html )

Eric Myrvaagnes

This gallery shows a sampling of images that appear in the book.


You may read some unedited comments from early viewers of the book on the Comments page.

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