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Viewers' Comments on the book Captured by Light, November 2016:

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TOTALLY WONDERFUL!!!! The book arrived today and Iíve been glued to every page since it arrived this morning. Wherever Minor is now, He is smiling at you. Your book is now my treasure.
--R.R., Photographer

As a window into creation, so too with your book, photographic words bringing us into a far deeper reality of life and human experience than the images themselves, the images as a gateway, as that mirror on your childhood bedroom wall, leading us to intuit the room beyond. Of all the images, the one that brought tears is the exquisite presentation of Lilies of the Valley, a reminder and symbol for me of my deep bond with my mother, whose favorite flower this was. The simple beauty of the Lily of the Valley, present in its season for such a short time, reminds that beauty remains eternal well beyond physical presence. So too, the images carried in the pages of your book, even the enduring presence of sea and stone, no longer with us when are removed from them, yet always a part of us once we have seen them. Through the sharpness of your eye and the sensitivity of your soul, you have allowed us to see places to which we have not traveled and details we have not paused to observe and yet made them part of our own memories of place and time, as real for us as having been there because you were.
--V.R., Rabbi

What a wonderful book!! You are a photographer after my own heart. Your abstractions are marvelous! I would have wanted to take each and every photograph! Yours is the most enjoyable book of photographs I have acquired in years. Thanks for your eye and heart!
--W.H., Painter and Photographer

The just published monograph by our beloved Eric Myrvaagnes... exquisite! Treat yourself to a copy of this beautiful celebration of light. From one of the deeply felt and carefully chosen quotes welcoming you from one room to another, " I pray that these things never end, " ...
--P.S., Photographer

How thoroughly we are enjoying the visions for which you prepared rooms to accommodate a nurturing habitat for their ever changing light. We are pausing now to open a rare bottle of champagne. We raise a toast you to and welcome you into our life here. What a joy! The cover image choice says so much about you and the gift you clearly hold dear; that of a mother's love. It resonates with a beautiful deep and profound tone. We are able to feel her pride from here.
--A Common Woman

Spoiler: An outstanding body of work. It reveals Eric to be a deeply sensitive artist. I received my copy yesterday. I would like to single out the following photographs for their impact (page number in parenthesis):
The Mirror (11)
Edmands Park (16)
Lost my head (28)
Incursion (30)
First road tar (50)
Vik beach (62)
Pool and Sun (71)
And above all, the cover photo The Blanket.
--R.P., Photographer

The book arrived on Saturday and Iíve been enjoying getting lost in your beautiful photographs ever since. Iíve always loved your work and I honestly believe you taught me more than I, you. You are so kind to mention me in the acknowledgments - totally unnecessary. If you are ever in the mood to trade a photograph or two, I would be honored to have an Eric Myrvaagnes hanging on my wall.
Congratulations, Eric. A truly lovely compilation of your work!
-- F.F., Photographer

Lovely book that °s very well printed; I think my favourite is the Madonna and Child: wonderful vision!
-- R. C., Photographer

I have you next to Paul Caponigro as I feel he is the company at this time who best sequences with you on the way to Minor's books. (Paul by the way placed a big and firm thumbprint next to his note with both of us that evening being aware of the conversation which had taken place.)
-- P.S., Photographer

Your photo book is really wonderful, one of the best collections of BW that I have run across. I intend to buy copies for a number of my Christmas present needs!
-- J.S., Photographer and Web Designer

Viewers' comments on images from the Road Tar series, September 2009:

Art, shmart. They're interesting, quirky, pleasing images to look at. Well spotted! -- J.R.

Innovative to portray road tar & related as something between petroglyphs (or petrolglyphs) and calligraphy. Nicely done! -- Justan.

The occasional drain lends nice spice/counterpoint to the "zen brush strokes". You have done this sub-genre proud. -- R.A.

Viewers' comments on the exhibit, Writings of Time, Newton, June 2006:

Amazing vision and sculptural quality. Simple yet profound. -- C.F.

I love Graffiti Series #8, 5, 3 -- could you email copies? I'd like to show them to a potential buyer. They are beautiful and striking. -- E.M.

Very beautiful photographs. They express the reason I like to be on the shore. Please let me know when you have another show. -- A.M.

I love what you do. I do it with my eyes but don't know how to use a camera properly. And you do it better for all of us. Thanks. -- E.M.

Very good! I've never seen photography so abstract! I'm an abstract artist myself but I paint. My daughter loves it too. Inspiring! Magnificent! -- S.B.

Your photographs are so textural that I wanted to touch them and feel the surfaces. Great!!! -- E.Z.

Fabulous! I can almost feel the ocean water tickling my toes as it ebbs. Thanks! -- F.V.

Amazing sense of motion in the graffiti series. What a wonderful eye for beauty and form .... -- B.G.

One of the better photo exhibits here. Great and consistent theme. Excellent tonal/color control and wonderful framing and matting. -- C.K.

Great textures and patterns -- movement and energy. Solid and flowing music of the sea and stone. Great job! -- J.B.

A wonderful way of capturing time's passage -- terrific images, beautifully put on paper. -- R.F.

You're able to take ugly things, "rust", and transform them into beauty. -- M.

These are remarkable images. I've never before imagined rust as a medium, but in your eyes it's exquisite. -- D.J.

One of the best -- maybe the best -- I've seen here -- worthy of publishing. -- J.S.

Rust never sleeps. -- P.W.

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