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By email:

     eric (at) myrvaagnes (dot) com.

     (Replace "(at)" by "@" and "(dot)" by "." in the above.)

By telephone:

     In area code 617, the number is 332-2954.



My first book, Captured by Light, is $50 while current supplies last, delivered free in the Newton, MA, area, or elsewhere in the United States for $6 additional for shipping and handling.
After my current inventory is sold, the book will be available through the Blurb bookstore via Print-On-Demand for $75 plus shipping. See the Book Sample page for details.

Here is Blurb's Preview of some of the pages:


Calendars are now $35 each, delivered free in the Newton, MA, area, or elsewhere in the United States for $5 additional for shipping and handling.
See the Calendars page for details.

Prints of the Season

The current Print of the Season is available for a special price of $30, which will be in effect for orders received through the end of the season in which the Print of the Season was issued, or until the next Print of the Season is issued. After that the price will increase to $45.Prints are delivered free in the Newton, MA, area, and shipping and handling for elsewhere in the U.S.A. is $6. Contact me to get the cost for shipping to anywhere else in the world.
See the About Prints of the Season page for details.

Other Prints

Custom prints are available in sizes ranging from letter-size to 16x24", on various archival inkjet papers, matted or unmatted.
Common image sizes are:

6.7x10" (on 8.5x11" paper), $75-$100,
10x15" (on 11.7x16.5" or 13x19" paper), $135-$185,
12x18" (on 13x19" paper), $145-$195,
14x21" (on 17x22" paper), $200-$250, and
16x24" (on 17x25" paper). $300-$500

Prices range from $75 to $500 depending on size, paper, and complexity of the processing required. Not all images work well in the larger sizes. Tell me what image(s) you are interested in
(use the catalog number under each image, such as GS3) and the size you prefer, and discuss with me the options and costs before you decide.


To order books, calendars, Prints of the Season, or other prints, send me an email message with all of the following information for each category:


Specify the title of the book and number of copies desired.


Specify whether Black and White or Color and number of each desired.

Prints of the Season

Specify current or date of previous print, and number desired.

Other Prints

Specify which print (list the gallery and the label that appears under each print), size desired, whether matted or unmatted, and quantity. Verify all of this with me before placing an order.

For all of the above,

Give your name, email address, shipping address, and the expected cost to you. I will get back to you as soon as I can to verify whether I can fulfill the order. If I can, you should make payment either by PayPal (see below) or by sending me a personal check.

If you pay by personal check, I will wait for the check to clear before shipping. If you pay by PayPal, I will ship as soon as I receive word from PayPal that the funds have been transferred. You can make a payment from your Paypal account to mine by clicking on this link . If you donít have a Paypal account, they will help you set one up for free. Although PayPal accepts credit cards, they donít seem to accept them for "PayPal Me" transactions, perhaps because I am not set up to accept credit cards. If you are ordering from outside the United States, contact me before sending payment so that I can determine shipping costs.

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