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As of November 11, 2015 I have a new website about my need for a living kidney donor. Please visit the site at

This site was designed and built for me by my good friend Jon Sachs of Jon Sachs Graphics:

I have been consulting for some time on a weekly basis with my son, Joshua Myrvaagnes, who runs a small marketing and coaching business. The incisive questions he asks have helped me enormously to zero in on the issues that are really important to me in my photography. He can be reached by email at joshuapersonal (at) .

I owe a great debt to several photographers from whom I have learned much over the years. The most significant ones to my own development have been Chris Goetze, Minor White, Paul Caponigro, and Michael Reichmann. In the world of digital photography, I wish to thank especially Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe for clarifying the muddy waters.

After attending the Epson Print Academy in Boston, I must add my thanks also to Andrew Rodney ("The Digital Dog"), John Paul Caponigro, and Eric Chan.

I want to thank several members of the Luminous Landscape Forum who have made helpful suggestions about my website: kikashi, Lois Wakeman, Joergen Geerds, deeyas, BlasR, Ray, nniko, Dark Penguin, Francois, and Mahleu. All the frames are gone, and CSS now rules (most of the time), so the site should be readable on more types of screens. Some of the good ideas I still need to work on, but I hope to have more improvements in place by February. A special thanks also to Chris_T, who first got me thinking about usability issues, and who has offered numerous valuable suggestions (not all of which have been implemented yet).


My favorite photography website by far is Michael Reichmann's Luminous Landscape at . The articles, tutorials, essays, reviews, and forum are all outstanding.

The best journals of fine art photography at present are unquestionably Lenswork and Black and White Magazine.

Mathew James Taylor's website made it easy for me to convert my primitive website to a more flexible one using CSS (Thanks Lois for goading me into learning a little CSS).
See his article at

For many years photographer Harvey Halpern has explored the wildest parts of the American Southwest and lobbied vigorously for the protection of fragile and spectacular areas of southern Utah. You can see a sample of his work at his website, Endangered Canyons of Utah.

Three images of one fine harpsichord and one of another built by my brother, Rodney Myrvaagnes, may be seen here.

For information about Shir Madness, the klezmer band in which I play flute, go to


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